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Nature has its own mysterious ways, just like the fibers of a tree which has never been same they never duplicates patterns. That is the reason we never know how this piece of art is going to turn out, as its made of very carefully chosen and refined wood. Each Time piece is unique with a guarantee none other to be made the same.

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We are a big fan of this planet and would love to do anything to keep it as beautifull, With products focused on Quality while being Stylish and contributing for our planet's health. Get latest updates on our products and news about our efforts also get huge members only discounts.

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Hand Crafted Premium Wood Watch Every Watch Is Unique With Wood GrainHand Crafted Premium Wood Watch Every Watch Is Unique With Wood Grain
  • Dany han

    The Product is exactly as the description. Excellent product quality. Arrived super fast. I made my cousin buy from this store too.

  • Craig Barton

    Great Quality and reliable customer service, I will definitely recommend Badass to my friends.

  • Claire Barrett

    I gifted the watch to my husband. he loved it and now i am buying more from Badass Collections, they really have amazing quality products.

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